Golden Digital Network is a digital media service dedicated to delivering an affordable 24/7 streaming entertainment experience for baby boomers and seniors. Inspired by fans and friends from around the world, legendary Big Band and jazz singer Louise Tobin along with her son, Harry James, Jr., and long-time friend and producer, Michael Kubiak, found a way to make it easy for you to enjoy the entertainment of your youth. Featuring an incredible library of classic Top 40 music hits by the original artists from the 1930s to 1970s, old-time radio shows, popular TV series and nostalgic movies, we are the premier, one-stop destination where you can turn back the hands of time with decades of entertainment choices conveniently organized in one place. Our service is simple to use, and we make it easy for you to find and share the memories of your “growing-up years” from a computer, internet TV, tablet or smartphone. While initial marketing will be launched in the United States, our service will be worldwide in scope.

A Better Choice
While the digital revolution of music and video delivery through the Internet has spawned an enormous range of choices, there are so many that it is often confusing to find what you want. What little Internet or broadcast media service there is for those between 60 and 90+ years of age, it has very short airtime, usually only once a week for a few hours, or is totally disorganized. Golden Digital Network has compiled and organized an impressive library of music, audio and video for endless hours of entertainment at home or on the go.
  • Music lovers have access to virtually all of the top 40 hits by the original artists. Music is organized by genre and by decade. So if you want to listen to the Pop hits of the 1950s, choose the genre and then the decade for continuous hours of travel down memory lane.
  • This is the place to find some of the more iconic shows from the Golden Age of radio when the airways were filled with a variety of genres from mysteries and comedies to westerns and family shows. Radio shows are alphabetized from A through Z, and then you can select specific episodes.
  • Popular TV shows are categorized by genre, including adventure, situation comedy, westerns, game shows and more. They are then alphabetized so you can easily locate and enjoy some of your favorite shows.
  • Nostalgic movies have a special way of taking us down memory lane. Our selection, including many from the silent movie days, is organized by the year they were released. While we are currently organizing this vast array of movies by genre, movie title or actors, we didn’t want you to have to wait to enjoy your favorite movie from yesteryear.
Our entertainment selections will continue to be adjusted on a year-to-year basis, to serve the 60 – 90+ age group individuals as they enter the golden years. We are also positioned to accommodate the anticipated demand for customized programming and other services by offering different levels of membership subscriptions.

Our Audience
Rather than viewing seniors (born 1925 to 1945) and baby boomers (born 1946 to 1964) as one big homogenous group, we have created the Golden Digital Network to meet specific yet changing needs.
  • For healthy, active adult seniors living independently in your home or in a senior residence apartment community, we serve as a single resource for you to enjoy the music and memories of your youth.
  • Residents in assisted living, short stay/respite and rehabilitation facilities often rely on the facility for entertainment. We will work with the numerous facility owners and managers to deliver our entertainment network to residents through various methods.
  • For seniors diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s, whether living at home with their family or residing in a memory care facility, the medical field is discovering the healing power of music. Alive Inside is a documentary that captures the amazing experiences of individuals who have been revitalized through listening to the music of their past. Our business model includes working with the medical field and the owners, managers and caregivers serving residents living with this horrific disease.
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